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East Tennessee Natural Gas, LLC
Critical notice
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ETNG Pipeline Conditions for 11/20/2023

Notice Text:

For Gas Day November 20, 2023, East Tennessee Natural Gas (ETNG) has approved and scheduled nominations at each pipeline segment and meter station up to ETNG's operational capacity.  The following locations have been restricted due to requested nominations exceeding ETNG's operational capacity:

Restricted Locations Scheduled and Sealed Priority % Restricted Notes
IT 3B 3A 2B 2A 1
Topside East   100% 100% 100%          
Flatwoods   100% 100% 100%          
Rural Retreat   100% 100% 100%          

OFO / Imbalance Notice

OFO ---
Customer Specific OFO ---

Action Alert ---
Imbalances Warnings Stay Balanced on the 3200 Line as well as 3500 Line located between Tracy City and Topside.

No DP on the 3300 Line Downstream of Boyds Creek.

Systemwide Notes:

If necessary, ETNG will utilize any provision of its tariff to ensure system integrity including the issuance of customer specific or system wide OFOs.

Customers are advised that capacity may become available as the nomination and confirmation process continues throughout the day.

Please contact your Operations Account Representative should you have any questions.

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