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East Tennessee Natural Gas, LLC
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ETNG Operational Flow Order -- EFF 11/30

Notice Text:

In order to maintain the operational integrity of the system, ETNG is issuing a Balancing Alert Operational Flow Order (OFO) pursuant to Section 14.7 of the General Terms and Conditions of ETNG's FERC Gas Tariff effective 9:00 AM CCT, November 30, 2022 for all meters east of the Boyds Creek Compressor Station.

This OFO does not affect the ability of ETNG to receive or deliver quantities of gas for scheduled nominations to any customer, storage field, or pipeline.

During the effectiveness of this OFO, balancing parties under Rate Schedules LMSMA and LMSPA must be balanced such that actual deliveries of gas out of the system must be equal to or less than scheduled deliveries out of the system and actual receipts of gas into the system must be equal to or greater than scheduled receipts into the system. Additionally, balancing parties with meters west of Boyds Creek will not be allowed to utilize undertakes at meters located west of Boyds Creek to offset overtakes at meters located east of Boyds Creek.

The penalty provisions under Section 47.5(b) of the General Terms and Conditions of ETNG's FERC Gas Tariff shall apply for failure to conform for each dekatherm of actual receipt quantities that are less than scheduled receipt quantities and for each dekatherm of actual delivery quantities that are greater than scheduled delivery quantities, in each case with a tolerance of 2% of scheduled quantities or 500 dekatherms (whichever is greater).

In addition, ETNG will not permit retroactive nominations to avoid an OFO penalty.

East Tennessee will inform customers via EBB when this OFO will be lifted.

Please contact your Operations Account Representative should you have any questions.

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