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NEXUS Gas Transmission, LLC (U.S.)
Critical notice
05:50:04 PM
05:49:04 PM
Force Majeure
05:50:04 PM

No response required

NEXUS Force Majeure - TE Line 73 Valve Section 1A Unplanned Outage Noficiation

Notice Text:

Nexus Gas Transmission, LLC (NEXUS) has been informed by Texas Eastern Transmission, LP's (TE) of an unplanned outage and force majeure on its Line 73 Valve Section 1A which includes receipts into NEXUS via its leased capacity on TE. Thereby, NEXUS declares a Force Majeure in accordance with Section 15 of the General Terms and Conditions of its FERC Gas Tariff.

NEXUS has been informed TE will be isolating its Line 73 VS1A between Colerain and Salineville compressor stations until the identified pipeline condition has been appropriately remediated.

The estimated time of restoration is unknown at this time. NEXUS will post updates to the status of repairs as soon as they are known.

Please contact your Operations Account Representative if you have any questions.

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