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Nautilus Pipeline Company, L.L.C.
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Nautilus Pipeline - REVISED September 2022 PTR Percentages

Notice Text:

Download File: 2022 September PTR Percentage Revised.pdf

To ensure that the Nautilus system stays in balance with downstream pipelines for September, please see the attached for revised September 2022 PTR percentages for all locations effective Thursday, September 22, 2022.

All Shippers are required to go into LINK to recalculate or resubmit any existing nominations for Thursday, September 22 through the end of the month, for the revised PTR percentages to take effect. Any nominations that are not resubmitted will be automatically recalculated in LINK during the confirmation process which could result in cuts at the delivery points.

For questions or concerns please call your Offshore Account Representative at 713-627-6204.

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