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Texas Eastern Transmission, LP
Critical notice
09:00:00 AM
09:00:00 AM
Capacity Constraint
03:30:00 PM

No response required

TE Pipeline Conditions for 8/29/2022

Notice Text:

For Gas Day August 29, 2022, Texas Eastern (TE) has approved and scheduled nominations at each pipeline segment and meter station up to TE's operational capacity. The following locations have been restricted due to requested nominations exceeding TE's operational capacity:

Restricted Locations Scheduled and Sealed Priority % Restricted Notes
TABS IT 4B 4A 3 2 1
North of Berne   100% 83%            
Meter 75919 Deliveries
N/A 100% 100% 100% 48%

Rec from AGT & Del West of Lambertville
100% 100% 40%

TE/AGT Lease Yes

To Lease Capacity
Nexus/TE Leased Meters Yes

To Lease Capacity
Meters 73907 and 73706 Receipts

30" South of Berne                     
Berne South
N/A 100% 100%

Danville South
N/A 100% 100%

Tompkinsville South
N/A 100% 100%

Barton South Yes

Lebanon South Yes

Lebanon Lateral Yes

Sarahsville South
N/A 100% 100%

Access Area                  
Union Church South
N/A 100% 100%

Speaks South
N/A 100% 65%

Joaquin North
N/A 100% 100%

Joaquin South
N/A 100% 100%

Huntsville South Yes

Angleton West Yes

N/A 100%

Thomaston   N/A 75%              

TABS Pool Restrictions - Tolerances ETX STX WLA ELA M1-24" M1-30" M2-24" M2-30" M3
TABS Pool - Length 2% or 2,000 2% or 2,000     2% or 2,000   2% or 2,000    
TABS Pool - Short 2% or 1,500 2% or 1,500 2% or 1,500 2% or 1,500 2% or 1,500 2% or 1,500 2% or 1,500 2% or 1,500 2% or 1,500

No-Notice Restrictions

OFO / Imbalance Notice

OFO ---
Action Alert ---

Customer Specific OFO No Due Pipe issued 8/18/2022. 2,000 Dth / 2% Tolerance

Imbalances Warnings No DS - STX, ETX, WLA, ELA, M1-30, M1-24 and M2-24

Stay Balanced M2-30 and M3

FERC Order 698 ---

Systemwide Notes:

If customers/point operators do not manage hourly takes from the system, it will lead to delivery pressures being lower than desired for this area. As a result, TE may be required to impose further restrictions or courses of action in order to maintain the operational integrity of the system, including but not limited to, implementation of flow control at specific delivery meter locations.

TE may be required to issue hourly OFO's to impose further restrictions in order to maintain the operational integrity of the system.

Please contact your Operations Account Representative should you have any questions.