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East Tennessee Natural Gas, LLC
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ETNG MAD Notice - EFF 9AM 1/14

Notice Text:

Due to higher utilization along the East Tennessee (ETNG) system, beginning Gas Day January 14, 2022. As such, ETNG will be implementing its Maximum Allowable Delivery Service (MAD) effective 9:00 AM January 14, 2022.

As a result, the following restrictions will be effective at 9:00 AM January 14, 2022:

┐No secondary out of path receipts upstream of station 3104;

┐No secondary out of path receipts upstream of station 3206;

┐No secondary deliveries downstream of station 3313 on the 8 and 12 inch 3300 lines between Rural Retreat and Roanoke;

┐No secondary out of path nominations to Transco Cascade Creek (59204/59304)

┐No secondary out of path nominations to any locations downstream of Rural Retreat

┐Receipt meters under delivering to the ETNG system may be restricted to their recent historical performance levels.

LMSMA's upstream of Lewisburg (station 3206) and Dixon Springs (station 3104) may be restricted to recent historical delivery consumption levels.

In addition, restrictions to secondary activities may be required at ETNG's interconnects with Tennessee Gas Pipeline at Lobelville (MR 53201) and Ridgetop (MR53101).

Furthermore, restrictions to secondary out of path nominations through ETNG's Topside South to its 3200 line may be required.

ETNG will utilize any provision of its tariff to ensure system integrity including the issuance of customer specific or system wide OFOs. Any existing issued OFOs will remain in effective unless otherwise posted.

This notice will remain in effect until further notice.

Furthermore, the previously posted system wide LMSPA operational flow order effective January 14, 2022 will remain in effect until further notice.

Please contact your Operations Account Representative should you have any questions.

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