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MFA Implementation for LINK beginning 11/16/2021

Notice Text:

Following the Colonial Pipeline ransomware incident, the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) issued several mandatory cybersecurity directives to the pipeline sector. One of these directives requires that Enbridge implement additional security measures for LINK that include MFA (Multifactor Authentication). MFA is a security measure that requires users to provide two forms of evidence as validation during the login process.

Enbridge is committed to these requirements and as such will require the additional security measures beginning Monday, January 17, 2022 at 11:00 PM CCT. These measures will require that in addition to the normal user id and password, an Okta account be established to enable Okta Authenticator, Google Authenticator or SMS text codes as the second login validation.

In preparation, Enbridge will configure its production environment on 11/16/2021 to allow customers sufficient time for Okta setup. This setup should take approximately 5-15 minutes depending on the options selected. After setup, customers can utilize MFA immediately in the production environment or continue to use the standard password login mechanism. Example verbiage for these two paths are provided below. Customers can also test the new login configuration in our LINK Learning environment.

Please find the instructions attached to this notice and under LINK tutorials for the setup process and the initial login.

Again, the current process can continue to be used until January 17, 2022. However, at 11:00 PM on that date no access will be allowed without MFA use.

If you need assistance during the setup process or logging in, please contact us at, or 1-800-827-5465.

Login paths as available on the intermediate LINK login screen:

1.Login using Multifactor Authentication

Customer Activities
Security Login

2.Login using your password only until January 17,2022:

Customer Activities Login
Security Login

Download File: MFAsetupproceduresforproduction1112021.pdf