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NEXUS Gas Transmission, LLC (U.S.)
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NEXUS - TE Notification of an Unplanned Outage

Notice Text:

NEXUS has been informed by Texas Eastern (TE) of the following outage which will impact deliveries to NEXUS from Meter N4925:


Texas Eastern (TE) has experienced an unplanned outage on its 30" Line 25 VS-5 between Berne and Holbrook Compressor Stations due to 3rd party activity which will require further detailed investigation. 


Due to the ongoing planned Longwall Mining outage on the adjacent Line 15 VS-5, the following meter will be unavailable for flow effective immediately and until further notice:  


            73925 - CNX RICH HILL, GREEN CO. PA


In addition, at this time, TE will seal nominations flowing southbound through Berne but does not anticipate any restrictions for Gas Day November 4 for southbound capacity.   TE will continue to review system conditions to determine if restrictions are needed for current or future days.  Customers and point operators north of Holbrook, may experience higher than normal pressures while TE conducts this investigation.     While the Line 25 VS-5 detailed investigations continue, the 30" southbound capacity starting for Gas Day November 5, 2021 will be approximately as follows:



1,943,000 Dth/d


1,930,000 Dth/d


1,800,000 Dth/d


1,762,000 Dth/d



TE will post updates to the status of this investigation as soon as it is known.


Please contact your Operations Account Representative if you have any questions.