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Texas Eastern Transmission, LP
Critical notice
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Operational Flow Order
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TE M3 Operational Flow Order

Notice Text:

In order to maintain the operational integrity of the system, TE is issuing an Operational Flow Order (OFO) pursuant to Section 4.3 of the General Terms and Conditions of TE's FERC Gas Tariff effective 9:00AM CCT August 11, 2021 to all parties, with the exception of those governed by a FERC gas tariff, in Texas Eastern's Market Area Zone M3.

This OFO does not affect the ability of TE to receive or deliver quantities of gas for scheduled nominations to any customer or pipeline.

During the effectiveness of this OFO, all parties must be balanced such that actual deliveries of gas out of the system must be equal to or less than scheduled deliveries out of the system. The penalty shall apply to each dekatherm of actual delivery quantities that exceeds the greater of 2,000 Dth or 102% of scheduled delivery quantities.

The penalty will be equal to three times the daily Platts Gas Daily "Daily Price Survey" posting for the High Common price for the geographical region, as defined in Section 8.5(a) of the General Terms and Conditions of TE's FERC Gas Tariff for the day on which such violation occurred. In addition, TE will not permit retroactive nominations to avoid an OFO penalty.

TE may be required to issue an hourly OFO pursuant to General Terms and Conditions Section 4.3(H) to impose further restrictions in order to maintain the operational integrity of the system.

This OFO will remain in effect until further notice.

Please contact your Operations Account Representative should you have any questions.