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Texas Eastern Transmission, LP
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30" System and CRP System Operational Advisory -- UPDATE 5

Notice Text:

Texas Eastern (TE) is providing the following update on its 30-inch pipeline system between its Kosciusko and Uniontown segment.

TE has provided its engineering assessment to PHMSA and has continued its conversations with the agency. Subsequently, PHMSA reviewed the engineering assessment and has provided approval for TE to recommence operations of the 30" system at its full operating pressure. TE is currently in the process of completing its Management of Change (MOC) process to allow the system to operate at full operating pressure consistent with PHMSA's approval process described in previous postings. Effective Gas Day August 4, TE anticipates capacity through Danville will initially increase to 1,850,000 Dth/d. Capacities are anticipated to periodically change due to on-going operating conditions, system outages and other maintenance occurring on TE's 30" system. Please refer to TE Major Service Outage postings for an overview of on-going maintenance work and the anticipated capacities across TE's 30" and CRP systems.

Please contact your Operations or Marketing account managers if you have any questions.

Download File: 30 Inch and CRP System Update.pdf