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Texas Eastern Transmission, LP
Critical notice
10:59:38 AM
10:59:38 AM
Capacity Constraint
10:59:38 AM

No response required

24" Operational Advisory

Notice Text:

Texas Eastern (TE) has attached an Operations Status Update PDF to provide TE's anticipated operational capacities on its 24" system. The capacities illustrated on these slides are calculated based on current operational knowledge and are subject to change based on a variety of factors. Please refer to TE's Operationally Available Capacity maps for the most up to date capacities.

TE understands the importance of returning the affected segments back to normal service and is committed to prioritizing the work in a safe and efficient manner in order to return the pipeline system back to normal service. However, the affected segments will not be returned to normal service until TE satisfies all applicable regulatory requirements and it is safe to do so.

Please contact your Operations Account Representative if you have any questions.

Download File: 24" Operational Advisory.pdf

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