Effective Date: 10/1/2022
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Pipeline NamePipeline ID CodeReport DateOriginal/Revised IndicatorFirst Day of
Calendar Quarter
Unit of Measurement
for Transportation MDQ
Unit of Measurement
for Storage MDQ
Contact Person and
Phone Number
Footnote ID
Steckman Ridge, LP C00009310/3/2022O10/1/2022TTARTHUR DIESTEL 713-627-5116
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Shipper NameShipper IDShipper Affiliation IndicatorRate ScheduleContract NumberContract Effective DateContract Primary Term Expiration DateDays Until Next Possible Contract ExpirationNegotiated Rates IndicatorFor Transportation, Max Daily Quantity
For Storage, Max Daily Quantity
Footnote ID
CASTLETON COMMODITIES MERCHANT TRADING L.P.118638852NFSS920129-R14/1/20223/31/20230N0500000
CHEVRON U.S.A. INC.9140559NFSS920130-R14/1/20223/31/20240N01100000
CONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANY1368265NFSS920125-R34/1/20223/31/20230N05000004
EMERA ENERGY SERVICES, INC.101069263NFSS920128-R14/1/20223/31/20230N0500000
NEW JERSEY NATURAL GAS COMPANY61843553YFSS920029-R21/1/20203/31/20250N030000002
NJR ENERGY SERVICES COMPANY25715165YFSS920126-R26/1/202110/31/20220N05000005/6
SEQUENT ENERGY MANAGEMENT LLC612075846NFSS920117-R35/1/20224/30/20230N07500003
VITOL INC.790620046NFSS920127-R24/1/20223/31/20230N015000007

Footnote NumberFootnote Text
2Original contract effective date: 04/01/2010
3Original contract effective date: 05/01/2018
4Original contract effective date: 06/01/2020
5Original contract effective date: 11/01/2020
6Varying MDQ quantities as follows: 500000 dth through 10/31/2022; 500000 dth beginning 11/01/2022
7Original contract effective date: 04/01/2021