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Big Sandy Pipeline, LLC
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Blanket Tariff Waiver

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1. Big Sandy will waive the provisions of Sections 8 and 12 of its General Terms and Conditions and NAESB WGQ Standards 1.3.7 and 2.3.5 in order to make retroactive adjustments for Big Sandy errors, reconciliations of operational balancing agreements, and scheduled volume discrepancies identified at interconnecting facilities outside of the NAESB WGQ standard confirmation cycles. In addition, Big Sandy will accept, for a period of up to three business days after the end of a gas day, retroactive adjustments for customer errors provided that the requested changes (i) are authorized by all affected parties, (ii) improve an imbalance position for the parties impacted, (iii) do not cause scheduled volume discrepancies at interconnecting arbitrage, and (iv) do not impact Big Sandy or other customers in a detrimental manner. All required confirmations must be submitted to Big Sandy by the close of business on the tenth business day after the end of the applicable gas day. Under Section 12 of the General Terms and Conditions, Big Sandy is allowing parties to submit predetermined allocation methodologies ("PDA") at any time up until one (1) hour before the end of Gas Day.

2. Pursuant to Section 19 of the General Terms and conditions of Big Sandy's FERC Gas Tariff, Big Sandy is waiving the requirements in NAESB WGQ Standard No. 0.3.4 that Customer acknowledge receipt of Big Sandy's request for information needed by Big Sandy in order to perform a creditworthiness evaluation for such Customer.

3. Pursuant to Section 19 of the General Terms and conditions of Big Sandy's FERC Gas Tariff, Big Sandy may mutually agree with Customer to allow Customer additional time to provide the security required by GT&C Section 42.2 if Customer needs additional time to provide such security and has demonstrated a good faith effort to provide such security.