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Egan Hub Storage, LLC
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Storage Confirmation Process Enhancements starting 11/02/2021

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Beginning November 2, 2021 Enbridge Storage Business Units (Egan Gas Storage, Moss Bluff MHP, Bobcat Gas Storage and Steckman Ridge Storage) will put confirmation process enhancements in place. The process will reduce confirmation reductions as they are entered in the LINK system. Shippers will be notified of volume reductions by email if the user subscribes to the notifications. It is possible for shippers to utilize new/existing nomination screen functionality to keep their requested volumes in place. We have added new buttons in the Nomination screen that allows the shipper to clear Injections/Withdraws to utilize the screen functionality that automatically creates Excess injection/Withdraws and Overruns. We have included the Nomination Import screen that allows shippers to copy nominations from a spreadsheet to the clipboard to submit into the system. Previous functionality of ranking nominations and auto re-nomination will also aid in the process. See the attached Power Point illustrating the use of these tools.

Download File: Storage Confirmation Enhancement.pdf