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Texas Eastern Transmission, LP
Critical notice
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Five Points to Somerset Detailed Investigations

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As part of Texas Eastern's comprehensive integrity assessment of its pipeline system, TE will be immediately conducting further investigations on 26" Line 3 between Somerset to Five Points station.  As a result, TE will be adjusting its operating pressure on 26" Line 3 until an identified pipeline anomaly has been appropriately remediated.  TE will begin impacting shippers on Gas Day October 3, 2021 and north to south capacities on the upper 24" will be as follows:


                              Sarahsville           Somerset             Five Points          Lebanon

10/2                      587,000               587,000               597,000               597,000

10/3 - 10/5           272,000               272,000               272,000               273,000


TE anticipates this pressure restriction to be in place at least through October 21, 2021.  For future capacities please refer to the TE Major Outage Schedule posting.


Based on historical nominations TE anticipates restrictions to secondary out of path, secondary in path and primary firm nominations.


Please contact your Operational Account Representative if you have any questions.