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Forced Password Reset of LINK User Account Password

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As discussed in previous notices, the most recent directive from the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA), mandates that Enbridge must reset all IT-related passwords by August 25, 2021. This includes, but is not limited to technology assets, such as application and user accounts. As such, we asked all customers to change their current LINK password by Wednesday, August 25, 2021.

After reviewing the status of password changes for user accounts, we have decided to implement a forced password change for all users who login to LINK and have not changed their password since July 26, 2021. This forced change will help comply with the TSA directive and reduce the number of user accounts that will be disabled on Wednesday, August 25, 2021. Passwords related to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) will not be included in the forced change.

If your user account is disabled on August 25, 2021, it can be reactivated by going to the "LINK System Security" box on the main menu and pressing "Reset or Change your Password". Once at the Password Self Service Screen, press "Reset Password/Unlock Account". When the Reset Password/Unlock Account screen is presented, enter your LINK User Id and your E-mail address that has been specified in LINK. LINK will then send an e-mail with a hyperlink allowing the password to be reset and the account re-enabled.

If you need any assistance or have questions related to this change, please contact us at or 1-800-827-5465.