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Moss Bluff Hub, LLC
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Moss Bluff Outage -- UPDATE

Notice Text:

Moss Bluff will be conducting a station outage at its facility on Gas Day August 3, 2021.During the outage, Moss Bluff will not have any compression available at the facility and will not have the ability to withdraw gas from the facility.Moss Bluff anticipates restrictions to the following services:

i) Injection to storage

ii) Withdrawals from storage

iii) Wheeling (IWS) from lower pressure interconnect to higher pressure interconnects

At this time Moss Bluff can allow the following IWS wheeling paths (subject to change depending on operational conditions of upstream/downstream interconnects):

1) Wheeling from TETLP (45207) to

Enterprise - 45201

Tejas Gas - 45203

Midcon - 45209

HPL - 45213

2) Wheeling from Midcon (45209) and/or NGPL (45205) to

Enterpise -45201

Tejas Gas - 45203

HPL - 45213

Furthermore, Moss Bluff will allow injection / withdrawals nominations to the extent operational assistance from the upstream or downstream interconnects is available.

Please contact your operational account managers if you have any questions.

Download File: Moss Bluff Outage Schedule.pdf