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Moss Bluff Hub, LLC
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10:53:17 AM
10:53:17 AM
Planned Service Outage
10:53:17 AM

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Moss Bluff Outage -- UPDATE

Notice Text:

The previously posted Moss Bluff station outage originally scheduled for July 27 and July 28 has been delayed and will need to be rescheduled.Once the dates are known Moss Bluff will post an update to this outage

During the outage, Moss Bluff will not have any compression available at the facility and will not have the ability to withdraw gas from the facility.Moss Bluff anticipates restrictions to the following services:

i)Injection to storage on Gas Day's -- 2 Days TBD

ii)Withdrawals from storage on Gas Day's -- 2 Days TBD

iii)Wheeling (IWS) from lower pressure interconnect to higher pressure interconnects -- 2 Days TBD.

Moss Bluff will provide further guidance on which meter combinations paths may be available for IWS activities closer the outage dates.Furthermore, Moss Bluff will allow injection / withdrawals nominations to the extent operational assistance from the upstream or downstream interconnects is available.

Please contact your operational account managers if you have any questions.