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May, 2021 - LINK® Enhancements

Notice Text:

NEXUS Capacity Reservation/Exchange

An enhancement has been implemented to provide Capacity Reservation/Exchange functionality for nominations on NEXUS when capacity leased from Texas Eastern, DTE and Vector has reached lease limitations. In the same manner as a scheduling restriction with physical capacity, this enhancement will allow nomination exchanges within a contract to occur when lease limits have been reached and will reserve capacity due to lease holder reductions to allow for renomination, or redirection of a nomination. For more on this topic, please see our existing tutorial entitled "Capacity Reservation".

LINK® Email address change

Beginning today, and delayed from our conversion from last September, e-mails originating from subscribed reports and on-demand reports will have a sender address of If customers are missing any reports, they should check their junk e-mail folder and/or check with their network support group to ensure communications from are being allowed.

PDND Nomination leveling

An enhancement has been implemented to prevent PDND (Pre-determined Nomination Distribution) sub nominations from being recalculated when a quantity reduction (such as a confirmation or scheduling cut) has occurred at an LDC point and a customer changes the requested receipt/delivery quantity to match the scheduled receipt/delivery quantity when the sub-cycle indicator (auto-renomination) for the activity is enabled.

If you have any questions, please contact your Capacity Services Account Representative or LINK® at 1-800-827-5465 or